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UNCONFIRMED: Vu Van Thanh joins Thai Port FC to play at Thai League?

UNCONFIRMED: Vu Van Thanh joins Thai Port FC to play at Thai League?

A few hours ago, the Thai press informed that Vu Van Thanh will join Thai Port FC to play in Thai League in the near future.

A few hours ago, the Thai press came up with the news, Vu Van Thanh will go to Thai League football tournament to play in the near future. There are even sources claiming that HAGL's defender will join Thai Port FC.

The Thai.League transfer market is still ongoing. Deadline for registering players list for the return of Thai.League 2019 is July 19th. Therefore, Van Thanh still has the opportunity to play at Thai.League this season.

Thai Port FC is one of Thailand's most successful clubs with 8 times of the Royal Kor Cup championship, 6 times of the Queen's Cup championship, 1 time of the FA Cup champion, 1 time of the League Cup championship but not once Thai League enemy.

The Thai Port Club still has two levels of ASEAN regional foreign troops and is seriously lacking in the position of right-back. In Port 4-3-3's map of Port FC's edge, they are the only right-back Nitipong Selanon.

Currently, in the 2019 Thai League season, after 18/30 rounds, Thai Port FC is in 5th place in the league but only Buriram is at the top of the table.

However, this is only one-sided information from the Thai press, currently the leader of Hoang Anh Gia Lai club has not yet spoken up about this issue. Earlier, during Nguyen Cong Phuong's signing ceremony with a Belgian club, Hoang Anh Gia Lai board also revealed that Nguyen Van Toan and Vu Van Thanh would be the next players to play overseas, but they did not disclose the next destination of these players.