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Muangthong United hired a World Cup-class goalkeeper coach for Dang Van Lam

Muangthong United hired a World Cup-class goalkeeper coach for Dang Van Lam

Muangthong United club has just brought in Alexandre Lopes, former fitness coach of the Iranian team, to help Dang Van Lam and the goalkeepers improve their qualifications.

Yesterday afternoon (July 23th), the Vietnamese goalkeeper had the first training session with the new goalkeeper coach Alexandre Lopes. He is very interested in the new coach, who has a World Cup level of training. Coach Lopes also met Dang Van Lam when Vietnam faced Iran in the 2019 Asian Cup group stage.

After the match, when the two sides greeted each other, the Iranian goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand gave Van Lam praises. It was the match that the Vietnamese goalkeeper played very well and only lost 2 goals from the finishes of Iran.

Coach Alexandre Lopes holds a B-goalkeeper qualification from the European Football Federation (UEFA). He worked for a long time in his homeland Portugal before moving to West Asia, supporting a range of clubs including the AFC Champions League teams like Baniyas Sports (UAE).

Later, Mr. Lopes accepted his compatriot Carlos Queiroz, becoming Iranian goalkeeper coach. He joined Iran in the 2018 FIFA World Cup and reached the 2019 Asian Cup semi-final.

Recruiting Coach Lopes shows Muangthong United's great determination in the rest of the season. This will be a wonderful "gift" for Van Lam. The Vietnamese goalkeeper is still playing very well under the Thai team shirt and has many times been named in the typical squad.

After half a season of crisis, Muangthong under the new manager Alexandre Gama was reviving strongly and had 5 victories in the last 7 games.