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2019 Thai League: Muangthong United continue to flourish with a dramatic victory against Chainat Hornbill

2019 Thai League: Muangthong United continue to flourish with a dramatic victory against Chainat Hornbill

In the 21st round of Thai League 2019, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam and his teammates continued to maintain their impressive performance to win a strong victory at home against Chainat Hornbill.

Welcoming opponent Chainat Hornbill, Coach Alexandre Gama was a little surprised to let Muangthong United start with the 3-5-2 formation, Aung Thu and Derley played the highest on the attack, Sarach Yooyen and Heberty supported right after And in the wooden frame, Van Lam is still a trusted name.

In the rare time of the main kick, the Myanmay player Aung Thu immediately left a mark, right at the 35th second, the player with the No. 9 shirt mixed with extremely clever slots for Heberty to escape to pass the ball over the head. subjects opened the score 1-0 for the home team.

After the early losing goal, Chainat Hornbill came up quite strong to find a goal, the visitors created a lot of waves about the goal of Van Lam but the goalkeeper of Vietnam national team still played firmly to preserve 1-0 score before the first half closed.

Entering the second half, when Chainat Hornbill had not yet stabilized the squad, they had to receive a second goal. Starting from the start of the ball, Dang Van Lam's hand, the No. 1 goalkeeper then proceeded to make a powerful pitch to Heberty to race at the speed before stretching his neck to get Aung Thu to score in an empty net.

After this goal, Chainat Hornbill could no longer keep the pressure on the opponent like the beginning of the match, the yellow-shirt players played with the spirit of ragged.

Even though the home side enjoyed a lot of matches, they still had another goal in the fourth minute, Heberty continued to be a bright spot with a tricky ball before fixing his mind to the far corner to win. strong 3-0 for the home team.

This has been the sixth victory in the last 7 unbeaten games of the SCG team since coach Alexandre Gamma came to power, Van Lam and his teammates have officially reached the 6th position on the rankings.