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Singapore invites Cristiano Ronaldo to develop football faster

Singapore invites Cristiano Ronaldo to develop football faster

Once a splendor at the AFF Cup, but now Singapore football slipped too fast, so Cristiano Ronaldo was invited to save, helping the country regain some of its form.

Few years ago, the former AFF Cup King - Singapore sought all ways to stimulate, bring football back strong but unsuccessful. Their once-in-a-lifetime rival at AFF Cup does not appear to be nearly as close.

Over the past few days, Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the island nation of Singapore to talk about football, the love of football to provoke youth, teenagers, and children to this king's sport. From the state to the Singapore National Championship Organizing Committee (S-League), the clubs all endeavor to lift Singapore football. They spend a lot of money on this campaign but have yet to show effectiveness.

The S-League organizing committee has launched a campaign to encourage people to watch football. When people come to the yard, they will receive 10 Singapore dollars and eat a light dinner at the yard. The clubs also invited former world famous star to head, and invited the famous coach Rafael Benitez to be the S-League "ambassador".

Singapore's many years of efforts have not yet yielded positive results, some items are bankrupt and spend too much money. For example, Singapore invited the famous coach Rafael Benitez to be the Singapore Premier League ambassador who spent millions of dollars every year but failed.

Singapore invites Cristiano Ronaldo to develop football faster

Singapore national football team attended the 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup

The Tampines Rovers team had invited former Arsenal and Liverpool star Jermaine Pennant to the rock but also spent a lot of money to bankrupt the club sponsor but did not solve the problem. Or they have also "bought the name" of Ronaldinho to open the football academy named Ronaldinho in Singapore to attract young children to learn football also "away from scratch" .

So far, when the star Cristiano Ronaldo has been invited to do "ideological work" for children who love football better. During the three-day trip to Singapore, the Juventus star went to talk a lot at elementary schools, youth communities about king sport and football love ...

Singaporean football in the era of naturalized foreign soldiers was a powerful force with four AFF Cup trophies, leading Southeast Asia. The Singapore football team is so strong that every time the Thai football team still has to... lose the match.

With four AFF Cup championships, Singapore football was once unique for a long time at AFF Cup. It was not until Kiatisuk Senamuang became the head coach of the Thailand football team and brought back two AFF Cup championships in 2014 and 2016 that he helped Thailand level and surpass Singapore with 5 times of the championship.

However, when the state of Singapore abandoned the plan of naturalization of foreign soldiers, Singapore's football slipped badly and until now is very bad. The AFF Cup matches recently the Singapore football team were eliminated immediately after the group stage. Do not know Cristiano Ronaldo to Singapore this time have "stimulated" football island nation lion or not?