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AFF Cup legend officially returns to Singapore football

AFF Cup legend officially returns to Singapore football

The "witch" of Southeast Asia football, Radojko Avramovic - the most successful coach in AFF Cup history has accepted a return to Singapore.

The most successful foreign coach in Southeast Asia, "witch" Radojko Avramovic has just accepted a return to Singapore.

But not that he took the Singapore national team that was in a recession compared to his time filled with foreign soldiers, but he returned to lead the powerful club of Singapore football: Home Utd.

Home Utd is the club that won the AFC Cup (ASEAN region) last year and then lost to Korea's 25-4 Army Club.

"Witch" Avramovic was the head coach of Singapore from 2003 to 2012 and brought 3 AFF Cup champion in 2004, 2007 and 2012. This is the golden era of Singapore football thanks to many foreign players force naturalization talent. In this period, the Singapore football team always had more than half of the starting lineup of players being foreign players. Each time encountering Singapore then, Thailand football was often bored and lose.

However, then the state of Singapore is no longer familiar with foreign talent, Singapore lacks "foreign substance" and slips dradually.

Avramovic himself went to Myanmar as Myanmar's national head coach but then failed, "witch" continued to Kuwait to work. Then he returned to his native Serbia to live.

Now he returned to Singapore to be the head coach of Home Utd club, which has a lot of his students there. Avramovic replaces the interim coach Noh Rahman, who goes down as his assistant.