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We Win as Two! The Philippines criticized for constructional mistakes

We Win as Two! The Philippines criticized for constructional mistakes

Many teams at the 30th SEA Games claimed that they were not satisfied with issues in the accommodation. The host nation made many freak mistakes in constructing hotels served to the competition.

According to many football teams, including Thailand U22, complained, the hotels which they stay did not have enough room for all of them.

As a result, three of four players shared a room, which led to some people had to lay on the floor instead of on beds as the case of the Cambodia U22 team.

Moreover, the worst cases are constructional mistakes in the rooms, which have a toilet in a very small washroom. A member of Myanmar women's football team even took a photo of a two-legged toilet in a women's restroom.

The hotels, as well as the host, cannot find any words to explain the mistakes they made in the preparation. Therefore, they apologized for all the athletes then assured that they would try to improve the qualities.

However, mistakes went on happening. On the day SEA Games officially started, a bus carrying Vietnamese and Laotian teams' members met with an accident on the road. Some people injured while no one claimed responsibility.

Consequently, many people supposed that the 30th SEA Games is the worst sports competition in history. Even in some places, the host still not completed the buildings.

With too many faults in the process of construction, the Philippines showed that they are not ready for preparing the SEA Games.