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Vietnam U22 vs UAE U22 to be scheduled before SEA Games 2019

Vietnam U22 vs UAE U22 to be scheduled before SEA Games 2019

By the end of this year, SEA Games 2019 will take place in Philippines, VFF is planning to prepare very carefully for gold medal hunting campaign of Vietnam U22.

Vietnam U22 is in the process of preparing for the 30th SEA Games later this year in the Philippines. Recently, V-League organizers announced the 25th round of the schedule to allow the Vietnam national team to focus on preparing for two matches with Malaysia and Indonesia. This will leave Park Hang Seo's coach with nearly 4 weeks left to prepare for the 30th SEA Games after the tournament ends. However, VFF has a plan to offset this loss for Vietnam U22.

Specifically, on September 23, Vietnam U22 team will reorganize in Hanoi at the same time as the national team. In this rally, our young players will have a friendly match against strong opponent UAE U22 on the Thong Nhat Stadium on October 13. This is considered a high-dose reagent for Vietnam U22 when the team from West Asia is always in the top of the strong teams of the continent.

The match against UAE U22 will be the third friendly match of Vietnam U22. Before that, we had 2 matches with Myanmar and China. The result is a victory for the young Vietnamese players. This is very good preparation for the upcoming SEA Games 30th.

Vietnam U22 vs UAE U22 to be scheduled before SEA Games 2019

The names expected in this gathering will still be Ho Tan Tai, Trieu Viet Hung or Hoang Duc. Along with that are some emerging faces such as Martin Lo, Trong Hung and Mai Xuan Quyet. Players who are also under Vietnam U22 like Nguyen Tien Linh, Doan Van Hau will probably focus with the national team to prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifier.

After the match against UAE U22, VFF has planned for Vietnam U22 to have 2 more friendly friendlies at the Binh Duong TV tournament. It is known that Vietnam Football Federation is still looking for opponents for Vietnam U22 in this tournament. After the tournament is over, Park Hang Seo's team will set out for the SEA Games 30th in the Philippines.