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Van Hau's trickery: The sign of a top-class defender

Van Hau's trickery: The sign of a top-class defender

Doan Van Hau could be harshly criticized after the final match at the 30th SEA Games men's football event, but it is one of the signs indicating that he will become one of the best defenders in Asia.

Indonesia U22 collapsed in the final against Vietnam U22, but it would have been different if they had had Evan Dimas on the pitch. "Iniesta of Indonesia" was forced off after just 25 minutes following a challenge from Doan Van Hau.

Vietnamese defender stepped on Dimas' foot, which made him not able to stand when he was substituted. In the remaining time, without Dimas on the field, Indonesia U22 hardly launched attacks against Vietnam U22's target.

Young Garuda lost by a 3-0 score in a game that they did not have any proper chance to score a goal. In the case of Dimas, his injury was so bad that he must sit in the wheelchair when he received the silver medal.

Van Haus trickery: The sign of a top-class defender

As a result, Van Hau's foul caused Indonesian fans furious. They repeatedly insulted Vietnamese defender on his social network account. Many of them assume that Van Hau deserved to receive a red card after the severe foul against Dimas.

However, Indonesian fans' hate also proved a thing: Van Hau was right when he intentionally exclude Indonesia U22's key player by a tricky foul. The referees would never send-off a player because of normal misconduct like that.

But it was enough to force Dimas off the game. Last year, Sergio Ramos did the same trick to Salah in the UEFA Champions League's final match. Dimitri Payet also shut out Ronaldo by a challenge when France met Portugal in the 2016 EURO's final.

Van Haus trickery: The sign of a top-class defender

To be frank, Dimas' role in the Indonesia U22 can be compared to Ronaldo in Portugal or Salah in Liverpool. It proved in the semi-finals when Dimas helped Young Garuda beat Myanmar U22 in the extra time.

So far excluding "Iniesta of Indonesia" may be a good choice for Vietnam U22 to make the game easier, and Van Hau was the man who took the hardest task.

It does not mean he can be compared to Ramos. However, at least Van Hau showed a sign of a top defender who is ready to use tricks to win. Sometimes you need to do it to achieve the gold medal as he did.