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Tran Dinh Trong reported very happy news for Vietnam U22 before SEA Games 30th

Tran Dinh Trong reported very happy news for Vietnam U22 before SEA Games 30th

Center-back Tran Dinh Trong himself confirmed the injury has progressed well and can fully attend the SEA Games 30th on November 30th.

Center-back Tran Dinh Trong is entering a training phase to recover from a broken ligament injury encountered in late May.

According to his share, Dinh Trong said that his injury is recovering well and will likely return to SEA Games 30. If this becomes a reality, it will be good news for fans and Coach Park Hang Seo.

Assessing fairly, Vietnam U22 still has certain differences with the national team, so the return of Dinh Trong at SEA Games is extremely important. Remember in the U23 AFC championship qualifier in March, Dinh Trong has not fully recovered but he is still registered to play and play well when he plays.

The Hanoi player is a rare central defender of Vietnamese football with intelligent play. Although currently in the national team, Mr. Park may be satisfied with the Duy Manh-Ngoc Hai-Tien Dung trio, he always reserved a place for Dinh Trong.

In recent training sessions of Vietnam, Dinh Trong and Phan Van Duc were able to run slowly and dribble simply. Doctor Choi Ju Young himself also confirmed that he will do his best to allow the player born in 1997 to attend the 30th SEA Games.

At this time, while Vietnam went to Indonesia to compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup 2nd qualifying round, Dinh Trong returned to PVF to recover with modern equipment here. Many national players are supported by PVF in order to minimize the time of injury recovery.