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Several Philippines stadiums is not ready for 2019 SEA Games

Several Philippines stadiums is not ready for 2019 SEA Games

The budget has been cut down so that the competitions of the 2019 SEA Games (Southeast Asian Games) cannot be completed even if it begins within only four months.

The Philippine Parliament only approved the budget for the SEA Games 30 which is 5 billion pesos (equivalent to 97.7 million USD), according to Philstar. Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee has calculated and proposed a proposal of 7.5 billion pesos (146.5 million USD).

"With such a budget, we must make every effort to ensure that every peso is used effectively and intelligently. The organizers are also trying to make more money from sponsors", said the head of the Philippine Olympic Committee Peter Cayetano said.

The reduced budget makes the preparation of the venue for SEA Games competitions not yet completed as planned. The football fields are still disordered and have not been repaired.

It may be part of the reason that the Philippines decided that men's soccer matches will take place on the Rizal Memorial artificial grass field, Umak Football and Binan Laguna. This will more or less make it difficult for teams that are familiar with natural grass fields like Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia....

"Rizal Memorial is the Philippines' national stadium, where sports events take place mainly, there have not been any renovations prepared for the SEA Games. The ground, the stands and the surrounding areas remain the same", Thailand's Siam Sport expressed concern.

The Philippines once organized the SEA Games in 2005. At that time, the teams still got natural grass at Bacolod. It is also the place to host Philippines matches at 2018 AFF Cup. "It is a surprise for the Philippines to organize all of the artificial turf. It upsets the preparations for the coach and coach of Park Hang-seo. Vietnam will have to let players get used to the new pitch", VFF Secretary General Le Hoai Anh said yesterday.