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Thailand U22's squad at SEA Games: Akira Nishino keeps his promise

Thailand U22's squad at SEA Games: Akira Nishino keeps his promise

Coach Akira Nishino of Thailand U22 team has officially announced the list of 20 players attending the 30th SEA Games.

One day after the fifth round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier, Thai coach Akira Nishino announced the list of Thai players attending the 30th SEA Games. Still, like the usual style, the Japanese coach summoned 20 players but not calling a single backup case.

A notable point in the list of SEA Games 30th of Thailand is that there is no player over 22 years old. According to the organizers' rules, men's football teams will be allowed to add 2 players over 22 years of age to increase the quality of the squad.

Is this the act of "overconfidence" of the Japanese coach? With Akira Nishino's cautious style, the answer is probably no. In fact, the Japanese coach also announced this in September and he has kept his promise. It seems that men's football gold medal at the SEA Games is not his ultimate goal.

2020 AFC U23 championship is held in Thailand in January next year is the main objective of coach Nishino. He did not select any U22+2 players to create opportunities for younger Thai talents, thereby selecting the best force for the tournament next year.

However, Thailand U22@ should not be underestimated because they also have many national players in the team. In midfield, Erakit Panya or Anon Amornlerdsak used to play for Thailand while Supachok Sarachat or Supachai Jaided on the attack line are familiar names.

Thailand U22 will travel to the Philippines on November 23rd and have an opening match on November 26th.

List of 20 Thai players attending the 30th SEA Games

Goalkeepers: Korraphat Nareechan (22 years old), Nont Muangngam (22 years old)

Defenders: Chaturaphat Sattham (20 years old), Savan Promsupha (22 years old), Chatchai Saengdao (22 years old), Shinnaphat Leeaoh (22 years old), Thitathorn Aksornsri (22 years old), Sarayut Sompim (22 years old)

Midfielders: Worachit Kanitsribampen (22 years old), Chatmongkol Thongkiri (22 years old), Kritsada Kaman (20 years old), Wisarut Imura (22 years old), Ratthanakorn Maikami (21 years old), Ekanit Panya (20 years old), Anon Amornlerdsak (20 years old) ), Jaroensak Vongkorn (22 years old),

Forwards: Sittichok Paso (20 years old), Supachok (21 years old), Supachai Jaided (21 years old), Suphanat Mueanta (17 years old)