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Thailand U22 had to rent a private ground as the SEA Games 30 training condition is "unacceptable"

Thailand U22 had to rent a private ground as the SEA Games 30 training condition is

After canceling various training courses, head coach Akira Nishino decided to rent another field. He believes it is the most possible way to prepare before the first match.

In the following days, members of the Thailand U22 football team complained about many things about the poor living and training conditions in the Philippines.

Not only staying 3 people in each room because the venue was under construction but also Thai players had to train right outside the hotel.

The SEA Games 30 host nation arranged the Thailand team a stadium to train, but it was 50 kilometers far away from the hotel. Moreover, regular traffic congestions make them find difficult to train every day.

As a result, the Thailand team canceled the first course. To solve that problem, they rented a nearer field before the match against Indonesia. According to coach Akira Nishino, the condition of the grass in this ground is very bad.

However, they have to choose it to train if they do not want to take 2 hours a day to move from the hotel to the designated training area. Only by doing that can they have more time for players to rest.

"Before coming to the Philippines, I predicted that every condition would not be convenient for us. However, things were worse than I expected. The biggest disadvantage is not the squad, but to play on artificial turf.

But I believe those poor conditions cannot stop us from winning matches. The competition may be more pressure than usual, however, we have excellent players to aim to become the champion again", said Nishino.