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Singapore U22 set up a big plan to conquer the SEA Games 30's gold medal

Singapore U22 set up a big plan to conquer the SEA Games 30's gold medal

Singapore U22 has just come to Japan to train ahead of their SEA Games 30's campaign in November.

Singapore football has never won the SEA Games gold medal, being finalists 3 times but all failed (6 other times won bronze).

Therefore, Singapore U22 under the guidance of the legendary Fandi Ahmad was under pressure, before the 30th SEA Games took place in the Philippines.

The gold medal of SEA Games 30th men's football is a dream of Singaporean. To concretize the dream, Fandi Ahmad's army went to Japan to train.

Singapore U22 was present in Japan a few days ago and only returned on November 7th.

"This training is very important, which is crucial to our goals in the 30th SEA Games",  Fandi Ahmad said.

Fandi Ahmad admitted that Vietnam U22 and Thailand U22 are the two strongest opponents in Group B SEA Games 30.

However, Singapore U22 determined to win one of the two tickets to the semi-finals, and furthermore conquer the gold medal of the SEA Games for the first time in history.

In addition to Vietnam U22, Thailand U22, other opponents of Singapore in Group B are U22 Indonesia, U22 Laos and U22 Brunei.

At SEA Games 30, the schedule of Singapore U22 is not easy, with the opening match with Laos U22, then in turn they face U22 Indonesia, Thailand U22, and Vietnam U22.

Coach Fandi Ahmad expects the Japanese training trip will be a big push for Singapore U22, in terms of tactical thinking, team spirit, competitive psychology, as well as artificial turf.

"We have the opportunity to train together, become a true team",  Fandi Ahmad was optimistic. "I want the players to get rid of all thoughts and focus their whole spirit to complete this training".

The U22 players in Singapore are all very young but have had time to play together, so quite match.

The foundation of Singapore U22 training Japan is the team that won the Merlion Cup 2019, a friendly tournament where the "young lions" won U22 Philippines 3-0, won Thailand U22 1-0.