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REVEAL: Hanoi FC must pay 40,000 euros to let Doan Van Hau play in SEA Games 30th

REVEAL: Hanoi FC must pay 40,000 euros to let Doan Van Hau play in SEA Games 30th

According to the agreement between Hanoi Club and Heerenveen FC, the capital team must pay about 40,000 euros (including tax) for Doan Van Hau to attend the SEA Games 30th.

The 30th Southeast Asian Games took place during a time other than FIFA Days, meaning the clubs had no obligation to pay troops to the team. Van Hau is still supported by the Dutch team to compete at the SEA Games this time, but the Hanoi club must spend a lot of money.

The managing director of the team Nguyen Quoc Tuan confirmed that there was a fact that the current V.League champion had to spend money for Doan Van Hau to serve U22 Vietnam.

"The Heerenveen side has no responsibility to release troops, but they still create conditions for Van Hau to return home. The condition is that they will not pay Van Hau in a month of absence. This clause, the Hanoi Club will pay", said Tuan.

"Doan Van Hau's salary is currently the lowest for a player outside Europe. We are responsible for keeping the rights of the player on-demand from Heerenveen. The Hanoi FC will transfer Van's salary and taxes for Heerenveen", this director added.

Doan Van Hau receives 450,000 euros a year (before taxes). Citizens or workers in the Netherlands earning more than 68,507 euros each year are subject to 51.75% of the tax.

The Hanoi club must pay all the salary and income tax for a month when Van Hau wears the Vietnam U22 shirt. "That money, the Hanoi Club is considered to contribute a part to the team, the national flag colors as well as support our players", Mr. Tuan said.

Doan Van Hau has not been given a chance to play since Heerenveen. In this regard, Mr. Quoc Tuan said it was normal: "Anyway, Hau is still a young player, needs time to get acquainted. In addition, he often has to be absent because of national duties, because it is not enough to replace the position of high stability in the Netherlands ".

After Heerenveen's match on the evening of November 9 (local time), Van Hau will leave for the country. Expected, this player is in Hanoi on November 11st afternoon.