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Red alert at SEA Games 30th: Many U22 teams spent hours at the airport

Red alert at SEA Games 30th: Many U22 teams spent hours at the airport

After Thailand and Myanmar struggled on their first day in the Philippines, it was Timor Leste and Cambodia turn to have problems when the Organizing Committee "forgot" to pick up the team at the airport.

Timor Leste U22 team met bad luck as soon as they arrived in the Philippines. This team landed Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila at 5 am (local time).

However, the SEA Games 30th Organizing Committee seemed to "forget" the welcome of the delegation and let Timor Leste players have to wait for more than 3 hours before the team bus appeared.

Bad luck doesn't stop there with Timor Leste. The team bus took them to the wrong hotel. It is not known when the Timor Leste remained in the hotel. However, it can be seen that Timor Leste was unlucky from the first days in the Philippines.

This is not the only incident that the SEA Games 30th Organizing Committee brought to various teams. Previously, the Myanmar team also had to move to the hotel on a daily bus, crowded with people going to work due to the lack of transportation in Manila.

Thailand U22 also could not train on the first day to the Philippines due to the bad yard conditions. Coach Akira Nishino expressed his dissatisfaction with this issue and criticized the organization.

Red alert at SEA Games 30th: Many U22 teams spent hours at the airport

Thailand U22 had to practice outside the hotel

Latest, Cambodia U22 gathered at the airport on the night of November 22nd and landed in the Philippines on the morning of November 23rd. However, their players were not well received by the organizers.

The article on TNT Abante posted the title: "No hotel accommodation, Cambodia U22 sleeping on the carpet". The picture of Cambodian players struggling while waiting for the room to be shared by an account on social networks then spread quickly.

"Exhausted, the Cambodian U22 team used chairs and rugs as a backrest. The incident was not immediately fixed. Filipinos were ashamed of the hospitality", TNT Abante said.

Furthermore, the Vietnam U22 team has to wait more than 30 minutes when the training time coincides with the arbitration team's training at the field.