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REVEAL: Myanmar U22 players cooked themselves before the first match

REVEAL: Myanmar U22 players cooked themselves before the first match

The players of Myanmar U22 played well in the game against Malaysia U22 in the first match of men's football at 30th SEA Games. But they would have done it better if they had better conditions to prepare.

After leaving for the Philippines to compete at the 30th SEA Games, Myanmar U22 players wasted a large amount of time at the airport. The lack of transport vehicles from the host country made them come late to the hotel.

At this place, they continued finding more unacceptable problems. It had not enough room for them, besides that, they could not eat the food here. Many players admitted they have been hungry since they came to the Philippines, and it might affect their performance.

To solve those issues, the Myanmar U22 team managed to survive by short-term methods. 3 or 4 people shared a room instead of 2 as they did before.

Moreover, many of them even tried to cook by themselves at the hotel. Not only players but also various members of Myanmar coaching staff became amateur cooks to help each other eat proper meals.

According to player Ko Ko Thein, what they have done is necessary to prepare before the match. "The most important thing is to win every game, so we are not afraid not living under poor conditions", he said.

In the case of Myanmar women players, things were worse. Every day they had to take more than one hour to travel from their hotel to the stadium, which made many people feel tired.

Speaking about those troubles, the Myanmar Olympic Committee has apologized to both men and women team. As a result, they immediately sent some cooks from Myanmar to the Philippines to serve the players.

But if they had done that earlier, Myanmar U22 team would have defeated Malaysia U22 in the first match of the SEA Games 30.