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Myanmar U22 coach challenged Vietnam after victory against the host country

Myanmar U22 coach challenged Vietnam after victory against the host country

After being asked by Vietnamese reporters about the chance of meeting Vietnam in the knock-out stage, manager Velizar Popov of Myanmar U22 team answered: "To make that become true, Vietnam U22 needs to qualify group stage".

Beating Philippines U22 in the second fixture made Myanmar U22 stand temporarily in the second position in Group A.

Speaking about the game, head coach Velizar Popov of Myanmar U22 said it was a difficult match for his players, but they managed to gain 3 points.

As a result, they currently have a large advantage to qualify for the semi-finals, which proved the development of Myanmar football in recent years.

Consequently, Popov is confident that Myanmar U22 can win against any opponent in Southeast Asia at the moment. Even when they face Vietnam U22 in the knock-out stage, it is not a big problem for him and the players.

He said: "We are not afraid of Vietnam U22. I know they are a very strong team having a generation of great players such as Quang Hai and Duc Chinh. But in the latest game between two teams, we gained a draw at their home ground, scored two goals against their net. So the fact that we can beat them in SEA Games is possible".

Moreover, Popov said winning in the first match versus a weak team as Brunei U22 does not mean Vietnam U22 played well. They need to improve in the following games if they want to have victories against Indonesia U22 and Thailand U22.

From his point of view, Thailand U22 will come back soon in the next match, so it is the hardest opponent. Therefore, Vietnam U22 can be eliminated soon as two years ago.