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Malaysia U22 is rated the highest in Group A of SEA Games 30th men's football

Malaysia U22 is rated the highest in Group A of SEA Games 30th men's football

In the men's football press conference taking place on November 24th in Manila, all the opponents in Group A highly appreciated Malaysia U22 and had many complaints about the organization of the host country Philippines.

In the opening match of Group A, Myanmar U22 team will face Malaysia U22 - the most evaluated team in Group A, so it is not surprising that the Myanmar U22 team coach expressed:

“Malaysia U22 is considered the strongest rival in Group A, even the strongest in the tournament, so it will be difficult for us to face them in the opening match. However, we have our own playstyle and the first match has not said anything, our goal in this match is to have points. Our main objective is to get past the group stage and will work hard for this”.

Meanwhile, Malaysia U22 coach Ong Kim Swee said: “Men's football at the SEA Games is really very fierce and stressful. There any opponent who wants to win. Everyone said we were lucky to fall into the light group, but in reality rivals like the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and East Timor are not simple at all. This is a balanced and attractive table, the team with better preparation will win”.

Meanwhile, the U22 Philippines home team also expressed their ambition to pass the group stage to be present in the semi-finals, as head coach Goran Milojevic said: "We have very well prepared for men's soccer at the SEA Games this time, so we are trying to get as far as possible. We want to make our people proud”.

At this press conference, the coaches of many teams also complained about the organization of the host country, causing them many difficulties. However, the Cambodian U22 head coach Felix Agustin Gonzalez Dalmas said: "The preparation of the host nation Philippines has many problems, but this is an experience and we have to adapt to this issue".