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Kitchee SC coach: "We lost completely to Vietnam U22"

Kitchee SC coach:

In a quick interview after a friendly against Vietnam U22, club member Kitchee SC (Hong Kong) Blaz Sliskovic admits his team has lost to a team of real players like the army of Coach Park Hang Seo.

On the evening of August 14th, the PVF Youth Training Center took place the friendly match between Vietnam U22 team and the defending champion of Hong Kong, Kitchee SC club.

Despite having to deal with seniors more than their age and experience, but U22 Vietnam has played extremely confident, the red shirt players constantly master the game and the pressure is finally transformed into a table won on Martin Lo's penalty on 75 minutes.

Before closing the match, promenade Tran Danh Trung also made a beautiful free kick to impress an impressive 2-0 victory for Vietnam U22.

Kitchee SC coach: We lost completely to Vietnam U22

Sharing immediately after the match, Kitchee SC club coach Blaz Sliskovic admits his team lost comprehensively to a really strong and classy opponent:

“We faced a very strong opponent and couldn't compete with them. We lost to them comprehensively.

Most Kitchee players are very tired. Yesterday (13/8), we have just played 90 minutes with a V.League club so today we cannot continue playing football at a high level. That's why Kitchee lost", Coach Blaz Sliskovic.

In addition, the head coach of the reigning champion of Hong Kong champions also admired the level of playing of young players on the host side:

“Many players here are not members of Vietnam but they still show a very high level and level. It was a great surprise for me. Vietnam U22 has many excellent technical players. That's the right thing for Vietnamese footbal".

After closing the friendly match mentioned above, Vietnam U22 will disband to the players to serve the management team in the V.League 1 and V.League 2.

Under the plan, Vietnam U22 will regroup again in early September and have a very friendly friendly match with China U22.