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HOT: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia must play on artificial turf field at 2019 SEA Games

HOT: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia must play on artificial turf field at 2019 SEA Games

A very bad information has just come to coach Park Hang Seo and U22 players in Vietnam when the 30th SEA Games men's football will be hosted by the Philippines on artificial turf field.

Accordingly, in the meeting of the leaders of the countries attending the 30th Southeast Asian Congress a few days ago, the host of the Philippines officially announced that men's football will compete in three places including stadium Rizal Memorial, Umak Football Stadium and Binan Laguna Stadium.

It is worth mentioning that all of the above three football fields are artificial turf pitches, not normal natural grass fields, which will certainly affect a lot of activism and clever small coordination that Mr. Park has built for students in the past time.

Before the information that Vietnam U22 has to compete on artificial turf, VFF and Park Hang-seo are all worried, Secretary General Le Hoai Anh said in the coming time, the Federation will have to adjust accordingly:

“This is shocking information and VFF and Mr. Park will be required to recalculate the training plan for the Vietnamese team because it is expected that during the preparation for the 30th SEA Games at the end of this year, the team will only practice in the field natural grass.

But now that the Philippines has made such a decision, we must make adjustments for the players to adapt gradually from now on. VFF will have to send people to the Philippines immediately to survey the courtyard "- Thanh Nien quoted Mr. Le Hoai Anh.

At this time, U22 Vietnam also held the second round of PVF training center to continue training and find many new factors, from now until the end of November, the team will continuously focus on short and many days. However, it is difficult for the players to get used to the natural grass field, so playing on artificial ground will bring some disadvantages.

HOT: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia must play on artificial turf field at 2019 SEA Games

In order to adapt to the situation, VFF also said it will accelerate the plan in the future and bring Vietnam U23 to the Philippines to familiarize the yard earlier than planned:

“In the initial plan, the U22 team in Vietnam will enter Binh Duong Cup (from 3 - 6.11), then enter the sprint phase at an artificial stadium in the south and on November 21 from Ho Chi Minh City to Manila. but may have to go earlier to get used to the yard in the Philippines.

Artificial turf risk is higher because the risk of injury is greater than that of a normal pitch. Mr. Park was quite worried because Vietnam almost had to prepare for two major: 2019 SEA Games and 2020 AFC U23 Championship competitions. If an injury occurs, the personnel will be greatly affected”, said a VFF official.

Another noteworthy point is that in the upcoming SEA Games, the host of the Philippines still decided to keep the number of 20 players participating in men's football, although Vietnam, member countries and AFF had previously agreed. The idea with the proposal is up to 23 previous players.

Remembering at the end of last February, U22 Vietnam team under the coach of Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan to attend the U22 South East Asia tournament also had to compete on the artificial grass ground of Cambodia and won the final bronze medal .

Most likely in the upcoming gatherings, the Vietnam Football Federation and Coach Park Hang Seo will change to practice with artificial turf to help players practice how to adapt gradually to this surface.