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Horrible injuries of Cambodian players before the match against Timor Leste U22

Horrible injuries of Cambodian players before the match against Timor Leste U22

The host country of SEA Games was criticized constantly because of using artificial turf stadium for men's football matches, which caused many Cambodian players to suffer from injuries.

In the first match against the Philippines U22 in SEA Games, Cambodia U22 gained one point. They lead the game in the first half but losing victory in the last minutes.

However, the price of a draw was too high. According to the Cambodia Football Federation, six players of them got injured. The main reason is the artificial turf, which increases the rate of player injury.

They were horrible wounds caused by falling and slipping on the surface of the ground. After seeing that, many Cambodian fans shocked.

They feared those injuries would make those players leave the competition earlier than expected. Despite this, coach Felix Dalmas, team manager of Cambodia U22 said it was a part of game rules.

As a result, they had to follow them without complaining about anything. Six players getting injured returned to train normally before the match against Timor Leste U22.

Spoke to the media, they say they thank the fans supporting them in SEA Games, and they would try their best to win the game.

Cambodia U22 is not the only team that has numerous players suffered by playing at artificial turf in SEA Games. In the first match, defender Tan Sinh Huynh of Vietnam U22 got a wound from a one-on-one situation.

Consequently, he was substituted early in the match. At present, many teams criticized the host nation because of organizing matches at synthetic grass ground, but the Philippines ignored all of them.