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First victim on the artificial grass: Vietnam U22 defender got injured, expected to skip 2 matches

First victim on the artificial grass: Vietnam U22 defender got injured, expected to skip 2 matches

The easy victory against Brunei U22 in the first match of the 30th SEA Games made Vietnam U22 pay a high price. Defender Tan Sinh Huynh was substituted because of an injury, and he can miss some following matches.

Instead of choosing captain Ngoc Hai Que to join the Vietnam U22 team to compete in the 30th SEA Games, coach Park Hang Seo believed in the young defenders. Among those players, Tan Sinh Huynh was one of Park's favorite thanks to his experiences at the international level.

He used to be included in Vietnam national football team playing in King's Cup this year. So far in the Vietnam U22 team, Tan Sinh is considered the leader of the defending system.

Because of that, although getting an injury while preparing for the 30th SEA Games, Tan Sinh was named into starting line-up in the match between Vietnam U22 and Brunei U22.

Under his guidance, Vietnam U22's defenders played so well that Brunei U22 could not have any chance to organize attacks.

However, things became worst for Tan Sinh when he got another injury in the second half. Consequently, he was substituted by another defender named Duc Chien.

According to Tan Sinh's team-mates, after the match ended, he got a problem with his ankle. Currently, there is no information about the man who can replace Tan Sinh in the match against Laos U22.

In theory, Tan Sinh can play again after resting for one or two days.

Nevertheless, to aim for the gold medal in SEA Games, he can miss the next two matches to fully recover. Only by doing that can Vietnam U22 have the most possible squad in the following games.

Moreover, Tan Sinh's trouble also reminds people about the risk of getting injured when playing on artificial turf. Many teams complained about that, but they were ignored by the host country.