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Determined to win the SEA Games 30th gold medal, Malaysia U22 called to 7 players over 22 years old

Determined to win the SEA Games 30th gold medal, Malaysia U22 called to 7 players over 22 years old

In order to maximize the preparation for SEA Games 30th, 7 players over 22 will be selected to find the 2 best names to join the young U22 Malaysia players in the tournament later this year.

Recently sharing about Malaysia U22 team, coach Ong Kim Swee said he will summon at least 7 players over 22 years old to prepare for the 30th SEA Games.

This time is the crucial stage of drastic preparation of teams attending the SEA Games 30 men's football. Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia have begun preparations for the tournament in the Philippines. Malaysia U22 is no exception. This is considered to be one of the first preparations of the ‘Malay tigers’ to realize the plan to win the 30th SEA Games gold medal.

These specific names have not been revealed by coach Ong Kim Swee. Because before the 30th SEA Games, Malaysia national team will have to participate in two rounds of the 2022 World Cup qualifier. He wants to eliminate the risk of injury that can occur when the players play.

"I cannot name over-age players, but there will certainly be an even distribution of attacking, central and defensive sides in the list of 40 selected players".

Although the SEA Games are an important tournament, the coach born in 1970 still wants to focus the resources on the national level. That is the trend of current Southeast Asian football, when Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia are implementing this strategy.

However, with all his resources, coach Ong Kim Swee still asserted that U22 Malaysia will be the highest determination to win the gold medal on the Philippines. “U22 Malaysia has a chance to win a medal in the upcoming SEA Games. I cannot promise you what medal we will own. But one thing is for sure everyone wants gold".

2 years ago, right at home, an aspiring Malaysian U22 defeated the regretful match against Thailand U22 with the score 0 - 1. In this year's tournament, with many players who have experience playing in the tournament. That year, Malaysia U22 was classified as the champions of the tournament.

SEA Games 30th men's football draw will take place on October 3rd. The U22 Malaysia team is in the 2nd seed group with Indonesia U22.