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Curse of SEA Games: After 10 years, Vietnam U22 will fall AGAIN?

Curse of SEA Games: After 10 years, Vietnam U22 will fall AGAIN?

Currently, Vietnam is arguably the mightest football team in Southeast Asia. However, many things are pointing that they cannot achieve the first gold medal at SEA Games.

Ten years ago, Vietnam was also the champion of Southeast Asian football at that time. In 2008, they defeated Thailand in the final match to conquer the AFF Cup.

As a result, they came to the 2009 SEA Games with the hope to achieve the first prize at men's football events.

Things became smoothly when they topped the group stage to advance to the semi-finals, then met Malaysia in the final game. However, they surprisingly lost the opponent they used to easily beat before.

Compared to ten years ago, there are many impressively similar things to Vietnam U22's journey at the 30th SEA Games.

Like ten years ago, Vietnam competed as the current champion of the AFF Cup, and Thailand was eliminated in the preliminary round. Cambodia had the first time advancing to the semi-finals, like the Laos team in 2009.

Moreover, the goalkeepers of the Vietnam team regularly made mistakes leading to many conceded goals. In the past, it was Tan Truong, and now the mistakes come from goalkeepers Bui Tien Dung and Nguyen Van Toan.

On the other hand, Vietnamese fans hope that "Curse of SEA Games" will not happen again with their team in 2019. But it is also a good sign with Indonesia U22 - the Vietnamese's opponent in the final.

Indonesia U22 can take a chance to revenge "Golden Stars" in the final match if Osvaldo Haay, Evan Dimas... performs their best to find the net of goalkeeper Nguyen Van Toan.