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"It is impossible for Thailand U22 to beat Vietnam U22 at the moment"

After being defeated by Indonesia U22 a few days ago, coach Akira Nishino said that Thailand would win all remaining matches in the group stage to qualify for semi-finals. However, Thai newspaper Siam Sport supposed that it would be an impossible task for Thailand U22 to beat Vietnam U22.

By humiliating Bruney U22 with seven goals, Thailand U22 regained a bit of confidence.However, the chance for them to qualify the group stage in SEA Games is still uncertain. They must not miss any points in the matches against Singapore, Laos, and Vietnam.

In those games, the final fight is extremely difficult for manager Akira Nishino and his players because their opponent is Vietnam U22.

"Unlike other teams whom Thailand U22 used to face, Vietnam U22 is at another level with the ability to defend solidly", Siam Sport commented.

Moreover, under the guidance of Park Hang Seo, Vietnam U22 currently has a streak of unique results with twelve consecutive undefeated matches. At those games, "Golden Stars" won ten times, scored 38 goals, conceded just three.

But the most important fact is when two teams met each other in the qualification round of 2020 AFC U23 Championship, Vietnam beat Thailand by 4-0.As a result, in the following match, Thailand U22 will hardly find a possible method to score goals into Vietnam U22's target.

"It means beating Vietnam U22 to qualify for semi-finals in SEA Games is an improbable task for coach Nishino and Thai players", the newspaper of Thai added. But if they concern too much about Vietnam U22, they can be tackled by other teams before playing the final game at the group stage.