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Vietnam U23 0-0 Jordan U23: The runner-up made disappointment again

Vietnam U23 0-0 Jordan U23: The runner-up made disappointment again

Let us see the latest results, as well as the score of Vietnam U23 vs Jordan U23 match in the 2020 AFC U23 Championship.

Vietnam U23 0-0 Jordan U23: The runner-up made disappointment again

Starting lineup:

Vietnam U23: Bui Tien Dung, Ngoc Bao, Nguyen Thanh Chung, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Ho Tan Tai, Do Thanh Thinh, Nguyen Duc Chien, Tran Thanh Son, Nguyen Quang Hai, Nguyen Hoang Duc, Nguyen Tien Linh.

Jordan U23: Raed Fakhori, Ihad Ali Al, Thaer Haikal, Hadi Omar, Saed Alrosan, Danial Afaneh, Noor Al Rawabdeh, Ward Albarri, Ali Iyad Olwan, Abdel Aburiziq, Yazan Alnaimat

Vietnam U23 entered the second match at the 2020 AFC U23 Championship against Jordan U23 with the goal of winning 3 points, thereby deciding their own fate in the last match. However, the match took place very hard with coach Park Hang Seo and his players.

Jordan U23 began the match in a very confident way. The players from West Asia showed determination to win all 3 points as they actively pushed up the formation in the first minutes. It is Jordan U23 that is the team with more real chances in the whole match.

Meanwhile, Coach Park Hang Seo constantly makes adjustments, when in turn put Tran Dinh Trong, Ha Duc Chinh and Truong Van Thai Quy on the pitch.  However, Vietnam U23's attack lacked creativity and decisiveness in the final phase.

Unable to score a goal against Jordan U23's net, Park Hang Seo's team had to accept the second consecutive goalless draw. This makes the AFC U23 runner-up fate dependent on the result of the match between UAE U23 vs Jordan U23. If this match has a 1-1 or 2-2 draw, Vietnam U23 will be officially eliminated.

Vietnam U23 vs Jordan U23 match information

Time: 21:15 (GMT+8) on January 13th

Venue: i-mobile Stadium

‎‎Competition: 2020 AFC U23 Championship

The runners-up of the 2018 tournament started the 2020 campaign by gaining one point in the hard match against UAE U23. Unlike 2 years ago, they did not show any signs proving that they could do something special at this competition.

Their attackers could not launch the attacks properly, while defenders made some mistakes in the first match. Consequently, the draw totally reflects the real strength of the Vietnam U23 team at the moment.

Advancing to the quarter-finals is a great achievement for them, but they need to do that with all of their strength. In terms of Jordan U23, they performed well against the DPR Korea U23 team in the first game, scoring 2 goals in 2 halves to win the match by a 2-1 score.

However, it will be very hard for them to do the same against Vietnam U23. It is true that the current squad of Vietnam U23 team is much weaker compared to them 2 years ago, however, they still know how to prevent the opponents from scoring.

As a result, the match between Vietnam U23 and Jordan U23 will be likely another goalless draw. Despite the fact that Vietnam can defend solidly, they cannot find how to score, so that result may happen.

Vietnam U23 vs Jordan U23 possible lineups:

Vietnam U23: Bui Tien Dung, Ho Tan Tai, Tran Dinh Trong, Nguyen Thanh Chung, Le Ngoc Bao, Do Thanh Thinh, Nguyen Quang Hai, Nguyen Duc Chien, Nguyen Hoang Duc, Ha Duc Chinh, Nguyen Tien Linh.

Jordan U23: Abdallah Alfakhori, Ihab Ali Al, Yazan Abdelaal, Ahmad Haikal, Hadi Ahmed, Danial Afaneh, Omar Alzebdieh, Noor Rawabdeh, Mohammad Atieh, Mousa Suleiman, Mohammad Masheh.

Vietnam U23 vs Jordan U23 score predictions: 0-0