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Vietnam U22 1-1 UAE U22: Ha Duc Chinh shone, the host drew unfortunately

Vietnam U22 1-1 UAE U22: Ha Duc Chinh shone, the host drew unfortunately

As Ha Duc Chinh shone, Vietnam U22 drew an unfortunate draw against the UAE U22 after Ha Duc Chinh played brilliantly with a goal to help the host split the score at the Thong Nhat stadium.

Immediately after the opening whistle, Vietnam U22 squad gathered to attack and capture the positions of the West Asia team. This makes UAE U22 difficult. Good defense, offensive deployment is also good, the ball often cornered the left wing with the presence of Do Thanh Thinh and Nham Manh Dung.

The opportunity came right in the 6th minute with a swift finish of Duc Chinh. Soon after, Ali Said responded with a shot that shook the goal of Tien Dung. The two teams struggled when there was little space for players on the field to play. Ha Duc Chinh and Trieu Viet Hung missed many opportunities before the first half ended.

Entering the second half, the match was almost unchanged. Vietnam U22 still plays confidently. But that confidence has hurt the young players. Ngoc Bao takes the ball over the opponent striker and loses the ball. Al Zaabi punished with a tight shot to defeat goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung.

But perhaps the excitement also made the UAE subjective, 2 minutes later Duc Chinh escaped to make use of the mistake of catching the ball of UAE U22's goalkeeper to hit the empty net.

Not highlighting the results of this match, coach Kim Han Yoon repeatedly the right to change people. This makes the host's gameplay is not as smooth as the original. Time passed until the end of time and neither side scored more goals.

Although only 1-1, this result is acceptable for the host when Vietnam U22 confront strong opponents like UAE U22.

Vietnam U22 vs UAE U22 match information

Time: 19:00 (GMT+8), October 13th, 2019

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Competition: Friendly match

In preparation for the upcoming friendly match against Vietnam U22, the UAE Football Federation has recently announced the official list of 22 players.

Because the match took place at the same time that the national team was busy playing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier, the UAE U22 team had to give up many players to call. This makes the list of white shirt teams to Vietnam lacking a few promising faces.

Still, the rest of the players couldn't be underestimated. With the core of UAE U19 players attending the 2016 U19 AFC championship, U22 UAE quality is still highly appreciated by experts.

In particular, the most prominent is Yahya Al Ghassani (UAE football prodigy). As early as 14 years old, this young player was tried at Manchester Utd and caught the eye of many European giants. The UAE press has evaluated that this young midfielder will shine in Europe in the future.

The coach who leads the team is still Maciej Skorza. A year ago at ASIAD in Indonesia, he himself defeated the Vietnam Olympic which is led by coach Park Hang Seo to win a bronze medal in the tournament.

The match against UAE U22 will be the third friendly match of Vietnam U22. Before that, this team had 2 matches with Myanmar and China. The result is a victory for the young Vietnamese players. This is very good preparation for their upcoming SEA Games 30th's campaign.

Vietnam U22 1-1 UAE U22: Ha Duc Chinh shone, the host drew unfortunately

The names expected in this gathering will still be Ho Tan Tai, Trieu Viet Hung or Hoang Duc. Along with that are some emerging faces such as Martin Lo, Trong Hung and Mai Xuan Quyet. Players who are also under Vietnam U22 like Nguyen Tien Linh, Doan Van Hau will probably focus with the national team to prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifier.