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Vegalta Sendai vs Nagoya Grampus: 3 points for the home team

Vegalta Sendai vs Nagoya Grampus: 3 points for the home team

In the first match of the 2020 J1 League, Vegalta Sendai has the advantage to take on Nagoya Grampus when they play at their home venue.

Vegalta Sendai vs Nagoya Grampus match information

Time: 13:00 (GMT+8) on February 22nd

Venue: Yurtec Stadium Sendai

Competition: 2020 J1 League

Although Nagoya Grampus won the J1 League in the past, they are mainly known as the club that Arsene Wenger worked with before signing with Arsenal.

In recent years, they witnessed a significant decline in performance, especially when they just returned to J1 League two years ago. However, things were very difficult for them when they only finished at the mid-table last year.

In other words, Nagoya Grampus is one of the teams that can be relegated at the end of the 2020 season, so they must play with all their best to stay at the first-tier league.

Nevertheless, Nagoya Grampus will find it very hard in the first round when they have to travel to play at the Yurtec Stadium Sendai.

Like Nagoya Grampus, Vegalta Sendai just finished the 2019 J1 League season at the mid-table, so their top target is to avoid sinking to the bottom places as soon as possible.

As a result, they will take advantage of playing at the home venue to attack right when the match kicks off to score the opening goal. By doing that, the match will be easier for them, especially when they have Brazilian strikers in the squad namely Ramon Lopes and Diogo Acosta.

Vegalta Sendai vs Nagoya Grampus potential lineups:

Vegalta Sendai: Jakub Slowik, Kim Jung Ya, Katsuya Nagato, Ryutaro Iio, Koji Hachisuka, Ryang Yong Gi, Simao Mate, Yoshiki Matsushita, Ramon Lopes, Ryo Germain, Diogo Acosta.

Nagoya Grampus: Mitchell Langerak, Kazuhiko Chiba, Kazuya Miyahara, Yuichi Maruyama, Yutaka Yoshida, Takuji Yonemoto, Gabriel Xavier, Mateus, Eduardo Neto, Jo, Aria Jasour Hasegawa.

Vegalta Sendai vs Nagoya Grampus score predictions: 2-1