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Thailand U22 7-0 Brunei U22: First Nishino's win at SEA Games

Thailand U22 7-0 Brunei U22: First Nishino's win at SEA Games

Let us see the latest results, as well as the score of Thailand U22 vs Brunei U22 match in the Games 30th women's football.

Thailand U22 7-0 Brunei U22: First Nishinos win at SEA Games

Starting lineup:

Thailand U22: Nareechan, Sattham, Saengdao Chatchai, Maikami, Wisarut, Supachai Jaided, Sompim, Anon, Wonggorn, Promsupa, Paso Sittichok

Brunei U22: Haimie Nyaring, Alimuddin Jamaludin, Nazif Safwan Jaini, Wafi Aminuddin, Nur Asyraffahmi Norsamri, Muhammad Bin Damit, Faiq Bolkiah, Muhammad Bin Azman, Muhammad Bin Said, Mohammad Amin Bin Sisa, Adi Bin Said.

With the goal to win, coach Akira Nishino has launched the strongest squad with Wisarut, Supachai Jaided, Sompim and Anon, except for Supachok.

Owning the superior level, Thailand U22 easily took control of the game and created many dangerous situations on the goal of Haimie Nyaring. However, the strikers of coach Akira Nishino have proved ungainly in the final shots.

When the first half would end within some minutes, Supachai Jaided shone with a dangerous header, opening the game's score in the 40th minute. Only 3 minutes later, Wonggorn overcame the goalkeeper of Brunei U22 and raised 2-0 for the War Elephant.

Entering the second half, coach Nishino threw the star Supachok into the field. The presence of number 10th has helped Thai U22 attack creative more chances.

After much effort, Thailand U22 had the third goal, as Anon sent a beautiful free-kick that went straight into the top of Brunei's net in the 52nd minute.

Continuing to concede, Brunei U22 showed signs of giving up and this is the chance for Thailand U22 to have 4 more goals by Srayut (71') and Suphanat (73'), Anon (86') and Supachok (88'). In the end, Thailand U22 won with a score of 7-0 against U22 Brunei.

Thailand U22 7-0 Brunei U22: First Nishinos win at SEA Games

Thailand U22 vs Brunei U22 match information

Time: 16:00 (GMT+8) on November 28th

Venue: Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila

‎‎Competition: SEA Games 30th men's football

U22 Thailand will play against Brunei U22 in the second round of Group B in the SEA Games 30th. Head coach Akira Nishino will be forced to win, even by a number of goals to regain confidence in the ticket to go on after the defeat against Indonesia U22.

Thailand U22 participated in the SEA Games this time with the goal of protecting their gold medal. However, Supachai & his teammates suffered a shock by losing to Indonesia U22 in the debut match.

This is obviously unacceptable for Thai fans and they expect their team to win in the second round. Only having to play against the weakest team in Group B Brunei U22, the possibility of Thailand U22 to win is very high.

Brunei football is probably the least developed in Southeast Asia, and they have shown no progress in recent years. In ASEAN tournaments, this team is always considered the weakest team.

At the 30th SEA Games, Brunei U22 had to endure a heavy 0-6 defeat to Vietnam U22. Facing Thailand U22 in the second match, it is highly likely that Bolkiah & his team will suffer another heavy defeat, especially as Thailand U22 is very determined to get back the image.

Thailand U22 vs Brunei U22 possible lineups:

Thailand U22: Nont, Sakunchai, Shinnaphat, Saringkan, Jakkit, Kritsada, Kannarin, Worachit, Sisarut, Supachai Jaided, Supachok.

Brunei U22: Herman, Amin Sisa, Muhammad Nur, Hanif F., Muhammad Nur, Hanif, Nazirrudin Ismail, Bolkiah, Hakeme, Adi Said, Ishyra Asmin.