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U19 Vietnam could not make a surprise against U19 Korea

U19 Vietnam could not make a surprise against U19 Korea

Let us see the latest results as well as the score of South Korea U19 vs Vietnam U19 match in the GSB Bangkok Cup 2019 final.

Final score: South Korea U19 vs Vietnam U19 (FT: 2-1)

Right at the start of the match, U19 Korea immediately rushed to attack. They pressed Vietnam U19 constantly making the players of coach Philippe Troussier struggling to support. The white shirt players can not hold the ball and only know a defensive cluster. However, U19 Vietnam could only hold out for 30 minutes.

In the 31st minute, the 22nd striker of the U19 South Korea handled class when cheating through the center of U19 Vietnam, and launched a low shot into the near corner to open the score for the red shirt team. After this goal, the Korean U19 played more sublime. They created a lot of opportunities in the remaining minutes of the first half.

42 minutes, from the cross on the right-wing, taking advantage of the mistake of the U19 defense in Vietnam, the U19 midfielder of Korea U19 finished close to increase the score to 2-0. This is also the result of the first 45 minutes.

In the first minutes of the second half, the pressure did not diminish. South Korea U19 still hold the match. The opportunities are constantly created, only the talent of goalkeeper Nguyen Van Ba ​​can help U19 Vietnam from getting more goals.

Minutes later, coach Philippe Troussier threw Huynh Cong Den and Phan Tuan Tai onto the pitch. Immediately U19 Vietnam played better. Successive opportunities are created, but the final finishes are either prevented or incorrectly saved.

It was not until the 90 + 1 minute, U19 Vietnam had the opportunity to celebrate the goal. Huynh Cong Come dribbled on the right-wing before launching a thunderous shot that caused the South Korean U19 keeper to pick up the ball. However, the few remaining minutes were not enough for U19 Vietnam to equalize.

Having won 2-1 before U19 Vietnam, U19 South Korea officially became the new king of the GBS Bangkok Cup 2019. U19 Vietnam came in second place and U19 Uzbekistan ranked third. The last place was U19 Thailand after losing to Uzbekistan U19 at the third-place match.

South Korea U19 vs Vietnam U19 match information

Time: 20:00 (GMT+8), October 12th, 2019

Competition: GSB Bangkok Cup 2019 final

The careful preparation of the last 1 month by coach Philippe Troussier has initially brought good results. U19 Vietnam defeated Thailand U19 in a match where the white shirt players were the more active players. The young Vietnamese players overwhelmed when holding the ball smoothly, calmly and very confidently, many times making it difficult for the home team Thailand.

Under coach Philippe Troussier, U19 Vietnam used a 3-4-3 formation. This is also a tactical scheme that coach Park Hang Seo applies to the national team. It was the French coach who said that he will support Park Hang Seo as much as possible to help Vietnamese football develop in the future, with the goal of winning tickets to the 2034 World Cup. This is the first step in the coach's plan has the nickname "white witch". Victory against the home team U19 Thailand will help young Vietnamese players more confident before the final with the upcoming.

Facing Vietnam U19 in the final is the South Korea U19 team. The young players from the land of kimchi have proven the strength of a leading team in the region, easily defeating Uzbekistan U19 players with a strong score of 5-1.

In the match Uzbekistan U19, South Korea U19 showed a variety of attacking situations, when their 5 goals came from different ways. Free kicks, coordinated by the middle, cross header, all are shown by the players in the red shirt against Uzbekistan U19. Besides the tall body is also the advantage of the red team. This will be the problem that coach Philippe Troussier must find the solution in the upcoming final.

According to the schedule, the final match of the GBS Bangkok Cup 2019 between U19 Vietnam and U19 South Korea will take place at 19h on 12/10. Champion of GSB Bangkok Cup will be the perfect preparation for both teams before starting the AFC U19 qualifier in early November.