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Singapore U22 7-0 Brunei U22: Ikhsan Fandi's hat-trick humilited Brunei

Singapore U22 7-0 Brunei U22: Ikhsan Fandi's hat-trick humilited Brunei

Let us see the latest results as well as the score of Singapore U22 vs Brunei U22 match in SEA Games 30th men's football.


Singapore U22 7-0 Brunei U22: Ikhsan Fandis hat-trick humilited Brunei

Singapore U22 vs Brunei U22 match information

Time: 16:00 (GMT+8) on December 5th

‎‎Competition: SEA Games 30th men's football

In this final match in Group B Sea Games 30, the two eliminated teams Brunei U22 and Singapore U22 will face each other. This will be a pretty open game and of course, the victory will belong to the Singapore players as they are much stronger.

Brunei U22 has lost all 4 of their matches in Group B and have not scored a single goal. This is an expected result because Brunei football has always been the weakest team in Southeast Asia competitions for a long time. Playing against Singapore U22 in this final match, the task of the Brunei players is probably finding a goal before returning home. However, this mission is not easy to achieve when their strength is too weak while Singapore U22, though eliminated, still plays very determinedly.

Singapore U22 has long been eliminated when they only got a point in the first match against Laos. 3 consecutive defeats to Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam have led this team to a very disappointing SEA Games 30th campaign, and Singapore has not scored a single goal yet.

However, it is a fact that the Singaporean players still play very high spirits, as evidenced by the very hard work against Vietnam U22 in the previous match. Facing Brunei U22 before leaving the tournament, Singaporean players will want to give a satisfying match to the audience in their home country, so they will probably win against the weakest opponent in the group.

Singapore U22 vs Brunei U22 possible lineups:

Singapore U22: Kenji Rusydi, Irfan Fandi, Irfan Najeeb, Jordan Vestering, Ryhan Stewart, Haiqal Pashia, Hami Syahin, Jacob Mahler, Joshua Pereira, Faris Ramli, Ikhsan Fandi.

U22 Brunei: Haimie Anak Nyaring; Abdul Syakir Basri, Alimuddin Jamaludin, Nazif Safwan Jaini, Hafiz Suhardi; Nur Ikhmal Damit, Nazirrudin Ismail, Amin Sisa, Nur Asyraffahmi Norsamri; Adi Said, Faiq Bolkiah.