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Singapore U19 vs China U19 Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Singapore U19 vs China U19 Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as the previews of professional experts about Singapore U19 vs China U19 - the match in the 2020 AFC U19 Championship qualifier.

Singapore U19 vs China U19 match information

Time: 16:30 (GMT+8) on November 8th

Venue: Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon

‎‎Competition: 2020 AFC U19 Championship qualifier

The match between Singapore U19 vs China U19 takes place in the context of this group with a big difference between the teams. South Korea U19 is considered the strongest team in the group, while China U19 is also more appreciated than Myanmar and they won 2-0 in the first round. Meanwhile, Singapore with a defeat of 0-11 against South Korea is clearly the weakest team in the table.

Although it is difficult to make a surprise against China, Singapore is likely not to lose as much as their previous match. Firstly, China is not the continent's big giant like the same team in East Asia. Second, China does not have the habit of winning too heavily against weaker rivals.

With only a 2-0 victory over Myanmar, it can be said that the Chinese U19 level is not much better than the Southeast Asian group. Previously, they also beat Myanmar with a score of 2-1 and had a 1-1 draw. In the last 8 matches, they only won 2.

Unlike other weak teams in the region, U19 Singapore is a young team that is being invested to improve abilities. Singapore has recently focused more on training, and their players do not have many outstanding factors but the basic skills are proficient.

Therefore, they will not lose too strongly to China. The East Asian team is also not likely to compete with the Korean team. They only have the goal of scoring many goals to compete with the best position in the second group.

Singapore U19 vs China U19 possible lineups:

U19 Singapore: Sim Jing Xi, Bin Jubpre, Mohamad Ismail, Ong Yu En, Mohamad Hisham, Ishiekwene Akeem, Bin Azman, Bin Zulkifli, Ibrahim, Ian Stewart, Bin Masnawi.

China U19: Zhu Yue, Subi Abulimiti, Jin Shunkai, Tao Qianglong, Liu Junxian, Naibijiang Mohemaiti, Han Dong, Shi Yucheng, Zheng Xuejian, Aifeierding Aisikaer, Jian Tao.

Singapore U19 vs China U19 score predictions: 1-3