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Seoul FC vs Pohang Steelers Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Seoul FC vs Pohang Steelers Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as the preview of professional experts about Seoul FC vs Pohang Steelers - the match in the 2019 K League Classic.

Seoul FC vs Pohang Steelers match information

Time: 13:00 (GMT+8) on November 23rd

Venue: Seoul World Cup Stadium

Competition: 2019 K League Classic

Entering the series for the top 6 teams to compete for the title, Seoul did not show too much. After 3 matches played in this round, they have not won yet and have no chance to take the throne.

However, the goal of this team remains. They need to win the remaining matches to secure their qualification for the AFC Champions League next season.

Actually, defeating Seoul FC is not easy. The two failures they have to receive are only minimal goal difference. The two leading teams, Jeonbuk Motors and Ulsan, can only score 1 goal into Seoul FC's net.

On the other side, Pohang Steelers also has bad performances like the opponent. Furthermore, their away results since the beginning of the season was so bad. In the last 11 times playing away from home, this team has only 2 wins.

Many bad results negatively affected Pohang Steelers players' morale. Many solutions have been proposed but the effect is very limited. It was too hard for Pohang Steelers to explode in this encounter.

Seoul FC vs Pohang Steelers possible lineups:

FC Seoul:  Han-Bin, Woong Hee, Hyun Soo, Jong Gyu, Dong Jin, Yo Han, Ibanez, Won Sik, Ko Gwang Min, Ikromjon Alibaev, Chu-Young.

Pohang Steelers: Won-Woo, Min-Gwang, Yong-Hwan, Carvalho, Seok-Hyun, Jae-Yong, Jin-Hyun, Soo-Bin, Chang-Rae, Sang-Gi, Seung-Dae.

Seoul FC vs Pohang Steelers score prediction: 2-1