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Sangju Sangmu vs Daejeon Korail Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Sangju Sangmu vs Daejeon Korail Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as the previews of professional experts about Sangju Sangmu vs Daejeon Korail - the match in the 2019 Korean FA Cup.

Sangju Sangmu vs Daejeon Korail match information

Time: 18:00 (GMT+8) on October 2nd

Venue: Sangju Civic Stadium

‚ÄéCompetition: 2019 Korean FA Cup

In this match, besides the advantage of the pitch and the audience, with a 1-1 draw on the field of Daejeon Korail in the first leg, this second leg Sangju Sangmu also has an advantage. with the opponent both in terms of competition and in choosing the game from the beginning of the match.

In addition, while Sangju Sangmu is a team of the highest football tournament in the "kimchi land", Daejeon Korail is only a team of the 3rd division, so in terms of quality Sangju Sangmu much better than the opponent.

In terms of performance, not to mention that the opponents that Sangju Sangmu has to encounter have a more general qualification than those that Daejeon Korail faces, Sangju Sangmu is also better than Daejeon Korail in terms of achievement.

Specifically, Sangju Sangmu is getting good results at their home with 4/5 past home games unbeaten (won 3, draw 1), including up to 4 Sangju Sangmu matches with 2 goals against the opponent's net. Meanwhile, Daejeon Korail has not won 10 of their last 11 away games (losing 6, draw 4), including 5 games of Daejeon Korail conceding 2 or more goals and also 5 attacking matches of they did not fire.

Possible Lineups Sangju Sangmu vs Daejeon Korail:

Sangju Sangmu: Yoon Bo-sang, Kim Young-bin, Kim Kyeong-jae, Kwon Wan-kyu, Ma Sang-hoon, An Jin-beom, Han Suk-jong, Kang Sang-woo, Lee Gyu-seong, Park Yong Ji, Song Si-woo.

Daejeon Korail: Hyeong-keun, Sang-kyun, Dong-min, Tae-eun, Won-seok, Bit, Kyeong-yeon, Kwan-pyo, Kyeong-min, Cheol-ho, Jeong-ju.

Sangju Sangmu vs Daejeon Korail score predictions: 2-0