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Oman vs Bangladesh Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Oman vs Bangladesh Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as the preview of professional experts about Oman vs Bangladesh match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier (Asian region).

Oman vs Bangladesh match information

Time: 23:00 (GMT+8) on November 14th

Venue: Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, Muscat

Competition: 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier (Asian region)

In Group E, in addition to Qatar at the top, the second-place deserves to Oman, winning 2 games and scoring 6 goals in 3 rounds helps coach Erwin Koeman's team get 6 points. According to experts, although Oman cannot compete at the top of the table, this team will surely aim to be one of the 4 teams ranked 2nd with the best performance, so they will not be allowed to stumble against the rest opponents.

After two consecutive defeats, Bangladesh also plays well with a 1-1 draw against India in the last round, and got the first point. Because Bangladesh is only considered the weakest team in the group, it is not surprising that coach Jamie Day's team is standing in the bottom position. However, Oman will be a much stronger opponent than India.

In fact, Oman is not only rated superior to Bangladesh in the next match due to the professional quality of the team, but they also own an impressive home record with 7  recent wins at home. At this time, Oman is also considered the strongest host that Jamie Day's team faced, so there is no guarantee they would have an easy match.

Oman vs Bangladesh possible lineup:

Oman: Faiyz Al-Rusheidi, Mohammed Al-Maslami, Ali Al-Busaidi, Amran Said Al Hidi, Abdul Aziz Gheilani, Ahmed Mubarak Kano, Harib Al-Saadi, Mohammed Al Ghafri, Rabia Said Al Alawi Al-Mandhar, Mohamed Saleh Al Ghassani, Abdulaziz Al Muqbali.

Bangladesh: Ashraful Rana, Yasin Khan, Rahmat Mia, Riyadul Hasan, Raihan Hasan, Biplu Ahmed, Jamal Bhuyan, Sohel Rana, Mohammad Ibrahim, Saad Uddin, Nabib Newaj Jibon.

Oman vs Bangladesh score predictions: 3-0