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Oman U19 vs Palestine U19 Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Oman U19 vs Palestine U19 Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as the preview of professional experts about Oman U19 vs Palestine U19 match in the 2020 AFC U19 Championship qualification.

Oman U19 vs Palestine U19 match information

Time: 23:00 (GMT+8) on November 22nd

Venue: Al Seeb Stadium, Seeb 

‎‎Competition: 2020 AFC U19 Championship qualification

According to the AFC Asian Football Confederation's decision, the Asian U19 2020 qualifier is divided into 11 tables, the teams in the group will compete in a round-robin round. In the end, 11 teams topped the table with four teams ranked second with the best results in 11 groups, plus the home team U19 Uzbekistan to advance to the final round.

In this Group A, in addition to two teams facing each other in this match, U19 Palestine vs U19 Oman, there are also three other teams, U19 Pakistan, U19 Kuwait, and U19 Iraq. While the other groups have played from 3 to 4 matches, the confrontation between U19 Palestine vs U19 Oman is the first match in this group A of qualifying.

From entering 2019 until now, both U19 Palestine and U19 Oman have only had one friendly match and especially both have encountered the same opponent Bahrain U19. However, while Palestine U19 lost 4-1 to U19 Bahrain, Oman U19 achieved a 1-1 draw with Bahrain U19.

In this year's qualifying round, Oman has completely changed when there is a worth-watching U19 with many “stars” playing at the top clubs in the country and they are confident that they will have a ticket to attend the final round. Oman U19's objective in this match is defeating U19 Palestine - the team in Group A's streets is considered an extremely easy task for U19 Oman.

Oman U19 vs Palestine U19 score predictions: 4-0