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Malaysia U22 4-0 Timor Leste U22: Ong Kim Swee's team remains hopes ahead of last round

Malaysia U22 4-0 Timor Leste U22: Ong Kim Swee's team remains hopes ahead of last round

Let us see the latest results, as well as the score of Malaysia U22 vs Timor Leste U22 match in the Games 30th men's football.


Malaysia U22 4-0 Timor Leste U22: Ong Kim Swees team remains hopes ahead of last round

Only facing the weakest team at SEA Games 30 - Timor Leste U22, the Malaysian U22 players entered the game with confidence and rushed to attack from the opening whistle. The joy soon came to coach Ong Kim Swee and his players as in the 5th minute, defender Da Costa of U22 Timor Leste scored an own goal.

Having led the score, it looked like Malaysia U22 would compete win a heavy victory, but they suddenly sank and even let Timor Leste U22 create opportunities.

Despite playing hard, but the limited level caused Timor Leste to miss many delicious opportunities, while in the defense, they continued to make mistakes. In the 34th minute, from an easy cross, a defender of Timor Leste made a mistake, then creating conditions for Abdul Razak to double the gap.

In the 44th minute, Abdul Razak completed a double to increase the score to 3-0 for Malaysia U22, this mistake continues to belong to the Timor Leste U22's defense.

Entering the second half, Timor Leste U22 still fought hard, but the script of the first half continued to repeat. After too many missed opportunities, Timor Leste U22 conceded another goal in the 81st minute. And 4-0 was also the final result of this match.

With this victory, U22 Malaysia got 4 points, equal to Cambodia U22 but still ranked behind due to poor difference.

Malaysia U22 vs Timor Leste U22 match information

Time: 20:00 (GMT+8) on December 2nd

Venue: Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila

Competition: SEA Games 30th men's football

In the third match in SEA Games 30th men's football (Group A), Malaysia U22 will face Timor Leste U22. With this group's situation, the Malaysian players will have to win at all costs, even by a heavy score to compete with other competitors.

Malaysia U22 drew U22 Myanmar in the opening match and then lost to Philippines U22 0-1. Having only 1 point after 2 matches, the chances to pass the group stage of Malaysia U22 are narrower. In the remaining two matches, Ong Kim Swee's team is forced to win to raise hope for entering the semi-finals. In this match, Kuty Abba & his teammates must overcome Timor Leste U22, this is not a difficult task as their opponent is the weakest team in the group.

In the meantime, Timor Leste U22 lost both matches and got no points. After the 0-5 defeat to Cambodia U22, this team continued to lose 1-3 to Myanmar U22 despite playing a lot better.

For the most underrated team like Timor Leste U22, this achievement is not too surprising and the players from the youngest country in Southeast Asia are probably not too disappointed about this result. This is likely another heavy defeat of Timor Leste U22.

Malaysia U22 vs Timor Leste U22 possible lineups:

Malaysia U22: Nadzli, Zakaria, Nor Azlin, Tan, Syahmi Safari, Kuty Abba, Amier, Dinesh, Syahiran, Rashid, Fayyadh.

Timor Leste U22: Fernandes, Reis Mendonca, Soares, Viegas, Jesus Reis, De Almeida, Baptista Belo, Freitas, Savio, Martins, Mesquita.