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Kashima Antlers vs V Varen Nagasaki LIVE: Easy game awaited for host

Kashima Antlers vs V Varen Nagasaki LIVE: Easy game awaited for host

Let us see some predictions as well as the previews of professional experts about Kashima Antlers vs V Varen Nagasaki - the match in the Emperor's Cup.

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Kashima Antlers vs V Varen Nagasaki match information

Time: 15:05 (GMT+8) on December 21st

Venue: Kashima Stadium

‎‎Competition: Emperor's Cup

Advancing to the Emperor's Cup semi-finals seems to be a great achievement for V Varen Nagasaki this year. At the 2019 J2 League, they failed to get promoted, finishing in 12th place at the end of the season.

This club still managed to escape from the 2017 financial troubles, but things did not happen as they wished. As a result, at the moment they had just two foreign players in the squad from the loan contracts, Victor Ibarbo and Caio Cesar.

Compared to V Varen Nagasaki, Kashima Antlers' situation is totally different. They finished the 2019 J1 League at the third place thanks to the squad containing many top players.

At present, they have two South Korean and four Brazillian men, which makes Kashima Antlers become a very strong team. Moreover, their local players also proved their qualities in the league, which helped them be called up to the Japan national football team.

As the superior team in the semi-final, Kashima Antlers has all the conditions to win over V Varen Nagasaki. Moreover, they need a title to wrap a successful season, and the Emperor's Cup will fit that goal.

In the case of V Varen Nagasaki, they do not have many options but defend against their opponent's attacks.

Kashima Antlers vs V Varen Nagasaki possible lineups:

Kashima Antlers: Kwoun Sun Tae, Atsuto Uchida, Jung Seung Hyun, Shuto Yamamoto, Bueno, Leo Silva, Leandro, Serginho, Ryota Nagaki, Shoma Doi, Takeshi Kanamori.

V Varen Nagasaki: Masaya Tomizawa, Yuki Kagawa, Ryota Takasugi, Takuma Shikayama, Masashi Kamekawa, Makoto Kakuda, Shuto Kono, Ryota Isomura, Caio Cesar, Yu Hasegawa, Victor Ibarbo.

Kashima Antlers vs V Varen Nagasaki score predictions: 2-0