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Kalteng Putra vs Persija Jakarta Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Kalteng Putra vs Persija Jakarta Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Let us see some predictions, as well as the preview of professional experts about Kalteng Putra vs Persija Jakarta match in the 2019 Indonesian Liga 1.

Kalteng Putra vs Persija Jakarta match information

Time: 16:30 (GMT+8) on December 21st

Venue: Tuah Pahoe Stadium

‎‎Competition: 2019 Indonesian Liga 1

With terrible form in the 2019 season, Kalteng Putra got relegated, which was not a surprising result. In the last four matches, they could not win any game, losing two of them.

The performance of attackers was their main problem when they scored just 32 goals in 33 fixtures. Consequently, they were the team that had the highest number of defeated games (18).

Even when they have the advantage to play at their home ground in the last match, they would not have any chance to gain points against Persija Jakarta.

In the case of Persija Jakarta, they managed to escape from the relegation zone by an impressive performance in November. At that time, they had six consecutive undefeated games, winning four of them.

Although Persija Jakarta did not score many goals, they currently had a great-form defending line, which let just 41 goals in Liga 1. That achievement could be compared to clubs in the top positions. If their attackers had been better, they would have had rise to better places.

Playing at Tuah Pahoe Stadium may be a disadvantage to Persija Jakarta, however, they can hope to gain a victory in the last fixture. Unlike Kalteng Putra, they need to show a positive performance to thank their fans.

Moreover, it will be also the last match of Bambang Pamunkas, so he should achieve to play an impressive game.

Kalteng Putra vs Persija Jakarta score predictions: 0-1