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Indonesia U22 8-0 Brunei U22: Tim Garuda 99% reaches the semi-final

Indonesia U22 8-0 Brunei U22: Tim Garuda 99% reaches the semi-final

Let us see the latest results, as well as the score of Indonesia U22 vs Brunei U22 match in the SEA Games 30th men's football.

Indonesia U22 8-0 Brunei U22: Tim Garuda 99% reaches the semi-final

Indonesia U22 has poured a rain of goals against Brunei U22 in the fourth round of Group B SEA Games 30th, thereby having a great opportunity to win tickets to the semi-finals.

With more appreciated forces, Indonesia U22 rushed to attack immediately right after the opening whistle. It took only 11 minutes, theIndra Sjafri's team found the net of Brunei U22 after the goal of Osvaldo Haay.

Having an early goal, Indonesia U22 still dominated the game. Coach Indra Sjafri's team attacked aggressively with the objective of scoring as many goals as possible. However, Indonesian fans have to wait for the last minutes of the first half to celebrate another 2 goals.

After the break, the game didn't change as Indonesia U22 still completely dominated the match. The second half saw Indonesia U22 add 5 more goals in a row to Brunei U22's net with the celebration of Ramdani (50 '), Sulaeman (68'), Osvaldo Haay (72 '), Andy Setyo ( 77 ') and Egy Maulana (80').

In the end, Indonesia U22 won an 8-0 victory over Brunei U22. With this result, Egy Maulana & his teammates have got 9 points after 4 matches, reaching the second position in Group B and behind Vietnam U22.

Indonesia U22 vs Brunei U22 match information

Time: 20:00 (GMT+8) on December 3rd

Venue: Binan Football Stadium, Biñan

‎‎Competition: SEA Games 30th men's football

Indonesia U22 started the 30th SEA Games very well by winning the number 1 candidate Thailand U22 2-0. After that, Indra Sjafri's team continued to have a good match and won against U22 Singapore with the score 2-0.

Only when facing U22 Vietnam, the Indonesian players have to taste the first defeat with a score of 1-2, although they scored the opener. However, the schedules are now supporting the Indonesia U22 team, as they just have to meet Brunei U22 and Laos U22 in the last 2 matches. The chance to go on for Indonesia U22 is still very large because winning 6 points in these 2 matches is very simple.

On the other hand, Brunei has always been Southeast Asia's weakest footballing team, and it looks like they haven't improved in recent years. When participating in regional football competitions no matter what level, Brunei always stands at the bottom of the table, and at the 30th SEA Games, there is no exception.

Up to now, Brunei U22 lost all 3 matches. Therefore it is not surprising at all if Brunei continues to receive another heavy loss again, especially as some key Indonesian players come back to the starting lineup this match like Egy Maulana, Evan Dimas, Muhammad Rafli.

Indonesia U22 vs Brunei U22 possible lineups:

Indonesia U22: Nadeo Argawinata, Bahar Asnawi, Mangkualam, Rachmat Irianto, Firza Andika, Zulfiandi, Feby Putra, Evan Dimas, Muhammad Rafli, Egy Maulana, Osvaldo Haay.

Brunei U22: Herman, Amin Sisa, Muhammad Nur, Hanif F., Muhammad Nur, Hanif, Nazirrudin Ismail, Bolkiah, Hakeme, Adi Said, Ishyra Asmin.