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Henan Jianye vs Tianjin Tianhai Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Henan Jianye vs Tianjin Tianhai Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as the previews of professional experts about Henan Jianye vs Tianjin Tianhai - the match in the 2019 Chinese Super League.

Henan Jianye vs Tianjin Tianhai match information

Time: 19:35 (GMT+8) on November 22nd

Venue: Zhengzhou Hanghai Stadium

‎‎Competition: 2019 Chinese Super League

Henan Jianye has had bright performances in the Chinese league recently. Specifically, they have just won against Chongqing Lifan and drawn the top team Guangzhou Evergrande in the latest two rounds. With 4 points added, Henan Jianye gained 34 points after 27 rounds and was certainly avoid relegated as the league was only 3 matches left.

This Friday, coach Wang Baoshan's team has a match against Tianjin Tianhai and most of the fans believed Henan Jianye would have all 3 points. Remember, this is the match they played at Zhengzhou Hanghai. In the last 7 matches played at home, Henan Jianye won 6 matches and only shared points once.

But because of official relegation, Henan Jianye players have appeared subjective psychology and the possibility that the Zhengzhou Hanghai team will lose points is still possible. It should be noted that their opponent is a team that does not easily bully Tianjin Tianhai.

In contrast, Tianjin Tianhai is in danger when they are ranked 14th in the overall table, the position is right above the group of 2 relegated teams and the gap is only 2 points. Looking at the current situation, the last 3 matches of this season are all considered the final match for Tianjin Tianhai and they will definitely play with 200% spirit.

Despite having to play away from home but with stable performance (being unbeaten in the past 2 matches) and the record of confrontation not too bad against Henan Jianye (won 2, drew 3 and lost 2 in 7 recent clashes), there is a high possibility that Tianjin Tianhai can still earn points.

Henan Jianye vs Tianjin Tianhai possible lineups:

Henan Jianye: Wu yan, Gu Cao, Wang Shangyuan, Han Xuan, Du Changjie, Feng Zhuo Yi, Tim Chow, Olivio da Rosa, Lu Yao, Frank Ohandza, Fernando Karanga.

Tianjin Tianhai: Zhang lu, Zheng Dalun, Zhang Xiaobin, Pei Shuai, Kwon Kyung Won, Mi Haolun, Renatinho, Renato Ribeiro Calixto, Wang Yongpo, Sun Ke, Alan Douglas Borges de Carvalho, Yang Xu.

Henan Jianye vs Tianjin Tianhai score predictions: 1-1