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Dalian Yifang vs Shenzhen FC Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Dalian Yifang vs Shenzhen FC Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as preview of professional experts about Dalian Yifang vs Shenzhen FC - the match in the 2019 China Super League.

Dalian Yifang vs Shenzhen FC match information

Time: 15:30 (GMT+8) on September 21th, 2019

Venue: Dalian Sports Center Stadium, Dalian, Liaoning

Competition: 2019 Chinese Super League

This was a fairly clear opportunity for Dalian Yifang to rediscover victory. Previously, they had 4 consecutive games not winning with 3 defeats and a draw. That made fans quite worried when this team lost all 4 Asian markets. With home advantage in this match, the chance of winning is quite clear when the opponent is only Shenzhen.

On the visitor's side, they have the stability when unbeaten in the last 3 matches (won 1 draw 2) but it was all 3 matches at home. 11 away games from the beginning of the season, Shenzhen has not won any match with 8 defeats and 3 draw results.

In the history of confrontation 8 recent encounters between 2 clubs since 2011: Dalian Yifang completely overwhelmed Shenzhen FC when winning all 8 matches. Can clearly see the huge difference in class and power between 2 clubs. The visitors are no different from "bait" for the home team.

According to football experts: in this match, Dalian Yifang not only has home advantage but also surpasses the opponent in strength and style. Almost certainly, the home team will have the victory, even with the score difference.

Possible lineups of Dalian Yifang vs Shenzhen FC

Dalian Yifang: Zhang Chong, Li Shuai, Zhou Ting, Li Jianbin, Wang Yaopeng, Shan Pengfei, Yannick Ferreira Carrasco, Zhu Xiaogang, Marek Hamsik, Wang Jinxian, Emmanuel Boateng.

Shenzhen FC: Guo Wei, Qiao Wei, Cheikh M Bengue, Zhang Yuan, Shinar Yeljan, Chao Gan, Jin Qiang, Yuanyi Li, Ge Zhen, Harold Fabian Preciado Villarreal, John Mary.

Dalian Yifang vs Shenzhen FC score predictions: 3-1