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Daegu FC vs Jeju United Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Daegu FC vs Jeju United Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as the previews of professional experts about Daegu FC vs Jeju United - the match in the 32nd round of 2019 K-League Classic.

Daegu FC vs Jeju United match information

Time: 13:00 (GMT+8) on September 28th

Venue: DGB Daegu Bank Park

‚ÄéCompetition: 32th round of 2019 K-League Classic

K - League only has 2 more rounds to go into the playoff stage, while Jeju is running out of goals, the other side of Daegu FC is also very comfortable with its 4th place and the host The thing to do now is to maintain the style for the championship playoff series at the end of the season.

The host is very ready for this match with the last 6 rounds unbeaten, before coming to this match Daegu FC excelled against the top team Jeonbuk Motors with 2 goals. Can see the performance of the host is not only good but also very high.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pitch, the guests had almost given up with the last 5/6 rounds not winning. The replacement of the bottom position of Incheon is enough to see the very poor performance of the guests like. And Jeju's weakest point is its poor defense so keeping the clean sheet is already a very difficult problem for Jeju at the moment.

There is clearly a difference in the form of the two teams, although more reputable and often marginally better than before but this season the position of the two teams has changed too much. With the current declining performance, Jeju should have prepared the psychological field in Daegu FC with a failure in hand.

Possible Lineups Daegu FC vs Jeju United:

Daegu FC: Hyeon-uh Jo, Jeong Taewook, Hong Jung-Woon, Hwang Jun-Seok, Jin Dong-Hwi, Sun Min Kim, Yunkoo Kang, Tsubasa Nishi, Seon-ho Jung, Edgar Silva, Gi Dong Park.

Jeju United: Chang-keun Lee, Jin-po Park, Dong-woo Kim, Jovanovic, Woo-jae Jeong, Jun-jae Nam, Sun-hyeong Kwon, Chang-min Lee, Il-lok Yun, Jin-su Seo, Magno Cruz.

sDaegu FC vs Jeju United score predictions: 3-1