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Bali United vs TIRA-Persikabo Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Bali United vs TIRA-Persikabo Preview, Live Match & Predictions

Let us see some predictions, as well as the preview of professional experts about Bali United vs TIRA-Persikabo match in the 2019 Indonesia Liga 1.

Bali United vs TIRA-Persikabo match information

Time: 18:45 (GMT+8) on December 12th

Venue: Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium

‎‎Competition: 2019 Indonesia Liga 1

TIRA-Persikabo needs at least four more points to surely play at the Liga 1 next year, so a positive result is necessary for them. However, that task is not possible because their opponent is Bali United, the champion of the league.

Moreover, it is the match that they play at Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium, the home venue of their rival. In this season, Bali United has never lost any games in all competitions each time they play at their holy ground.

In the match against TIRA-Persikabo, it will be likely a game that head coach Stefano Cugurra will continue to use Melvin Platje and Ilija Spasojevic as the strikers.

In 2019 Liga 1, the duo scored 26 goals, which accounts for 57% of the total goals of Bali United. Moreover, the champion of Liga 1 also defends well on the way they dominate the league. Bali United just conceded 29 goals, less than any teams.

To be frank, TIRA-Persikabo does not have any chance to gather any point in the match against Bali United. It will be clearer if we look into their current performance.

In the latest five matches, TIRA-Persikabo gained only one point, which means they lost four of them. It is too hard to imagine a team like TIRA-Persikabo can play well versus the champion of Liga 1.

Bali United vs TIRA-Persikabo score predictions: 2-0