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Al Ahed made history after triumphing the AFC Cup 2019

Al Ahed made history after triumphing the AFC Cup 2019

Let us see the latest results as well as the score of April 25 vs Al Ahed match in 2019 AFC Cup final.

Final score: April 25 0-1 Al Ahed

Al Ahed won 1-0 against SC 4.25 to become the first Lebanese team in the history of winning the AFC Cup.

The AFC Cup 2019 final took place between representatives of West Asia Al Ahed and representatives of East Asia SC 4.25. As usual, the match will be held in DPR Korea, SC 4.25's home ground. However, the organizers decided to leave the venue to Malaysia.

As a result, Al Ahed won the championship after a 1-0 victory thanks to Issa Yakobo's goal in the 74th minute. This is a historic victory for the West Asia team because they are the first Lebanese club to win the AFC Cup.

When the match lasted only 26 minutes, the DPR Korean team suffered losses when Tae-song An received a red card to leave the field. The goalkeeper born in 1993 fouled to deny a clear goal of Al Ahed.

Substituted goalkeeper Sin Tae-song excellent save many threats from the opponent. He has at least three situations that deny an opponent the chance to score in just about 20 minutes on the field.

Al Ahed's relentless efforts paid off in the 74th minute. Ghanaian midfielder Yakubu trailed over the defenders of two SC 4.25 defenders, before heading well to defeat goalkeeper Sin Tae-song.

Having a lead and advantage over people, Al Ahed played proactively and created a few turbulent situations in front of goal. However, 1-0 was the final result of the match.

April 25 vs Al Ahed match information

Time: 21:00 (GMT+8), November 4th, 2019

Venue: KLFA stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Competition: 2019 AFC Cup final

April 25 vs Al Ahed is the final match of the AFC Cup 2019. Previously, in the inter-regional final, April 25 overcame Hanoi FC thanks to the away goal rule, while Al Ahed beat Al Jazeera with a total of 1-0 (draw 0-0 at home, win 1-0 away).

The AFC Cup 2019 final was supposed to be held on April 25's pitch. However, the North Korean representative was stripped of the right to host it at the last minute for failing to meet media requirements. direct). Instead, April 25 will meet Al Jazeera at the KLFA Stadium (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Being stripped of the right to host the AFC Cup 2019 continental final makes April 25 lose a lot of advantages to Al Ahed. In the final round of the inter-regional round, thanks to the home element, April 25 succeeded in drawing Hanoi FC, thereby owning a ticket to go on.

As for Al Ahed, who have been unbeaten in the last 8/10 matches, of which the last 2 away games from the AFC Cup, Al Ahed are unbeaten with 1 victory. Meanwhile, April 25 did not win 2/3 of the away match in the 2019 AFC Cup. Facing the highly-rated defense (Al Ahed kept a clean sheet of the last 4 matches in AFC Cup), April 25 will find it difficult to score.

Possible lineups of April 25 vs Al Ahed:

April 25 SC: Tae-song An, Chung-hyok Kwon, Jin-myong Pak, Song-il An, Song Won, Jong-hyok Choe, Hyok-chol O, Chol-su Choe, Phyong-il Son, Yu-song Kim, Chol min Rim.

Al Ahed: M. Khalil, H. Al Zein, H. Dakik, A. Hadeed, K. Khamis, M. Fahes, H. Monther, I. Yakobo, K. El Hajj, M. Haidar, A. Akaichi.