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The Malaysian Football Federation officially appointed Peter de Roo as the new technical director

The Malaysian Football Federation officially appointed Peter de Roo as the new technical director

AFF Cup runners 2018 Malaysia would like to build 'genome' for football by appointing Peter de Roo as the new technical director.

Still struggling in develop football in recent years, now Malaysia football wants a sustainable "genome" for home football.

By appointing Peter de Roo as the new technical director, the Malaysian Football Federation (FAM) decided to build the "DNA genome" and decided to follow the "Malaysia football way".

Despite just having come to Malaysia as a technical director for FAM, but Peter de Roo has had compelling talks with FAM's professional departments. And they decided to build genetic "genes" for Malaysian football.

In fact, building genetic genes, or in other words, building a traditional play across the national team level to the appropriate club of people, players and football vision is not a new method.

Roo's task is to face the challenges of hot achievement that are inherent in Southeast Asian football.

Japanese people and Koreans have been doing this for a long time. From the club level, to the national youth routes to the national team all have the same gameplay suitable for human qualities... and it requires time and perseverance when it requires great challenges of host country.

Especially for Southeast Asia, Southeast Asian football is a big problem, big story is not easy for technical director to come to work, because Southeast Asia suffers from heavy pressure from hot achievements and immediate achievements. Knowing that building a genetic "genome" for a football field requires a very long time, persistence, high consistency and clubs, domestic and foreign coaches for a very long time to join hands. contribute, not because of the immediate hot performance.

But the fact is that at the club level until the national team, when a coach sits in his chair with relegation pressure, achievement ... so many things must be used to achieve that ignoring the steps of construction. build "genetic genome" for a long-term football background.

For example, the club level and the coaches because of the pressure of achievement, the pressure of losing their jobs or the pressure of releasing the rankings, they "push" the foreign soldiers into the team as much as possible, seeking ways of naturalization... and then break the gameplay to keep accumulating the ball for the foreign striker to score, solve the thirst for goals ... These are the common characteristics that exist in Southeast Asian football before the so-called "genetic genome" for a football background.

Strategists, technical departments and strategic departments of Southeast Asian Football Federation do not look out. They have known for a long time but it is the biggest problem to implement teammates and long term.