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Malaysia struggling to find a team ahead of FIFA Day

Malaysia struggling to find a team ahead of FIFA Day

The Football Asociation of Malaysia (FAM) is rushing to find an alternative team to play friendly match after Bahrain withdrew because of the fear of Covid-19.

Specifically, Yemen is reportedly sent a request to play a friendly with Malaysia, which is ranked 144th in the FIFA rankings, 10 places higher than Malaysia.

This information has been confirmed by Datuk Yusoff Mahadi, the manager of the national team.

“I confirm that we are negotiating to have a friendly against Yemen, they are a good team in Asia.

At the same time, Malaysia will probably get points on the FIFA rankings instead of friendly matches with a UAE club (also in the plan of FAM), ” Mr. Mahadi told the press.

A spokesman for FAM also said the agency was willing to accept the request to choose a venue to choose from Yemen.

"We recommend organizing this match in the UAE, but in case Yemen wants to play on their home ground, we are completely ready," the deputy chairman of the FAM said.

Yemen, who is ranked 144th in the world, was once defeated by Nguyen Quang Hai and his teammates not long ago at the Asian Cup 2019.

On the Vietnamese side, after canceling the friendly with Iraq, VFF also quickly found a quality army for Park Hang Seo: Kyrgyzstan.