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Malaysia football: Ong Kim Swee promoted despite SEA Games's failure

Malaysia football: Ong Kim Swee promoted despite SEA Games's failure

After parting Malaysia U23 due to poor performances at the 30th SEA Games, Coach Ong Kim Swee was promoted as the Football Association of this country (FAM) awarded him a greater role as the Head of Young Football Development of the organization.

Mr. Kim Swee had to leave Malaysia U23 after a disappointing performance at the SEA Games 30th when the young Tiger was eliminated early in the group stage. FAM announced last month that Kim Swee's contract expires at the end of 2019 but only ends as a U23 head coach. Instead, it was revealed that the 49-year-old was appointed to a higher position at FAM.

The information was confirmed by Mr. Ong Kim Swee in his statement about the plan in the new role. “I hope that I help FAM a little with the development of young football. At the development stage, we must know that it takes time and I will not be here forever, but developing players will take a long time”, Mr. Kim Swee told said.

Former Malaysia U23 coach added: “In the beginning, I will work with the National Football Development Program (NFDP) and the Mokhtar Dahari Football Academy (AMD) in order to develop some grassroots development programs. I will collaborate with Saad Ichalalene (NFDP technical director) to design a number of programs, under the direction of FAM, AFC, and FIFA. All youth development programs take a long time”.

Malaysia football: Ong Kim Swee promoted despite SEA Gamess failure

According to Malaysian media, FAM did not terminate the contract but also appointed Mr. Kim Swee to a more important role from the strategist's youthful contributions and experience with football. Mr. Ong Kim Swee led the Malaysia team to attend 5 SEA Games tournaments and brought the best performance so far with the gold medal in 2011.

During the period leading Malaysia U23 from 2011 - 2019, Mr. Kim Swee also trained the national team of this country as an interim head coach, thus the tactician is assessed to possess a lot of experience. Therefore, FAM expects that Kim Swee's cooperation with NFDP will bring success and promote young talents.

Earlier, the Malaysian press also revealed that FAM may appoint Bala Schanbran coach to lead the U23 team. Mr. Bala Schanbran is currently an assistant to Malaysia coach Tan Cheng Hoe. FAM said it would announce Mr. Kim Swee's replacement in March.