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Wu Lei: "I will never return to China, even if Espanyol gets relegated"

Wu Lei:

Recently, winger Wu Lei expressed his love for the Spanish club Espanyol. He said that after receiving the love from Spain, he would never return to China to play football again.

In the 2019/20 season, Wu Lei was regularly picked in the starting lineup of Espanyol. However, his excellent form could not help the team escape from the dangerous zone.

Currently, Espanyol stands at the bottom place of the La Liga table, with only ten points gained in 17 matches. Consequently, many Chinese fans thought that Wu Lei would return to China if his club got relegated this year, but Wu Lei did not think so.

Wu Lei said even Espanyol downgraded to Segunda next season he would never consider returning to China to play football. The top scorer in the Chinese Super League history believed he had many things to learn in Europe, so he needed to stay there to improve his ability.

Moreover, the current situation of Espanyol was the consequence of too many injured players in the squad. Once they came back, the team would be much better than the present.

"We train harder day by day to make ourselves better", said Wu Lei. "But the most interesting experience for me is the Christmas dinner with club members".

"From the coaches to the employees, we sit together to enjoy the year-end party. When we did that, I feel like I was with my family, so I did not want to leave this place".