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South Korean football talent to sign with Spanish club

South Korean football talent to sign with Spanish club

Young player Kim Da Won recently signed to become a player of the Spanish Segunda Division club Alcorcon.

"I always want to learn football from a foreign club, and I am glad that Alcorcon gives me a chance", said Kim Da Won. "I want to see my ability when I face European players".

"I know that it can affect my football career in the future, but it is also a great chance for me to challenge myself in Spain. When a Spanish club comes and gives me an offer, I cannot do anything but taking that opportunity to aim for the big achievements in the future".

At 19, Kim Da Won was one of the most impressive players in South Korea at the moment. Playing at the midfield, he liked moving to both sides to show his rapid dribble.

That was one of the reasons making him choose Alcorcon because he believed that Spanish football was the best environment for him to develop his career.

Starting as a member of the Alcorcon B team, he would try his best to enter the A team before thinking about proving himself in Europe.

However, before Kim Da Won, many South Korean players came to Europe with the same dream, but they ended up losing their careers.

One of them was South Korean Messi Lee Seung Woo. After playing for Barcelona and Hellas Verona, Lee currently was a member of the Belgian club Sint Truiden, in which he just played one game in four months.